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TV-DEX tv accessories pdf manual download. Can I connect TV PLAY to more than one set of Widex 2. · Widex TV Play DEX-Phone is a specialized landline cordless phone that&39;s set up to transmit incoming audio to both hearing aids using Widex&39;s proprietary wireless technology. ” Widex TV Play Easy Set-up. The Widex TV Play can be a treasured asset for h earing aid wearers. A Pair TV PLAY with Widex EVOKE™ hearing aids and control the sound with the EVOKE app 2.

Yes, while you are connected to your smartphone or tablet as well as the TV PLAY, in the EVOKE app TV PLAY Program-click Sound Menu-Overall Volume - sound preference slide bar. Widex Canada Ltd. How does Widex Evoke TV play work?

The TV PLAY is compatible with the Widex Moment and Evoke hearing aids and is controlled by the Evoke or Moment smartphone app. · Widex TV Play Streams TV Sound Directly to Widex Evoke or Moment Hearing Aids. User instructions (language pack 1) User instructions (language pack 2) quick links.

MENU hearing aids; Accessories. With TV PLAY, your EVOKE wearers can enjoy important TV moments. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

What is Widex TV play? 5 milliseconds, providing a more natural sound quality. Select the TV PLAY pro-gram on the App f. Combining technology with functionality and aesthetics is a typical attribute of the Widex design. Widex hearing aids don’t just sound spectacular.

PACKAGE CONTENTS User manual TV-Controller Box 1: Mini USB power supply Box 2: Lanyard Box 3: a. Pair the device and your hearing aids b. The main advantage of the TV-DEX is its real-time high-quality stereo sound. Page 12 EU Directives Directive /53/EU Hereby, Widex A/S declares that this WIDEX TV PLAY is in compliance with the essen- tial requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive /53/EU. You have connected the. TV PLAY streams direct stereo to WIDEX 2.

4 GHz-enabled hearing aids as are in range. WIDEX MOMENT™ Widex EVOKE™ EVOKE Product Details; Evoke programmable hearing aids; Widex BEYOND Z™ Tinnitus solutions. TV PLAY user instructions. GREAT TV SOUND FOR YOUR HEARING AIDS. 7 WARNING This booklet contains important information and instructions. What is a TV play? The TV PLAY is compatible with the Widex Evoke hearing aids and is controlled by the Evoke smartphone app.

Page 2 HOW TO CONNECT WIDEX TV-DEX TO A TV WITH DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT Some TVs only have a Digital Audio Output and cannot connect directly to a Widex TV- Connecting widex tv play manual the Digital to Analog Audio Converter to the TV DEX. Just play and stay connected. WIDEX MOMENT has the fastest sound processing at 0. The Hearing Clinic of Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists of Wisconsin 23,042 views 3:33. They look spectacular too. With this setup, the audio out signal from the TV is widex split and amplified so that the soundbar and the TV-DEX get signal simultaneously. · The output of this device is a L/R pair of RCA connectors to which I attach the TV-DEX transmitter.

TV PLAY user instructions. To find out more on how to disable them, please take a look at our. Change the hearing aid batteries e. 48 GHz logical channels GFSK 10 mW Up to 15m line-of-sight Max 20% Conforms to the following standards/approvals EN 62479 ENENENEN/IECFCC. SEE OUR NEWEST PRODUCT! The WIDEX TV PLAY contains radio transmitters operating at: 2. Connect the TV-Base as described on page page 10 No transmitted sound even if the green diode is turned on TV/audio source is not switched on Switch TV/audio source on Sound source and TV-Base are not properly connected Connect the sound source and TV-Base as shown on pages 11, 12, 13 Transmission interrupted TV-Controller battery is exhausted.

This product MAY be eligible for supply to UK customers as a Zero Rated VAT product, please read this page carefully before choosing whether to pay for your purchase at Zero Rate of VAT or including VAT from the drop down box above. Place TV PLAY discreetly in front of or behind the TV. TV PLAY is easy to set up, provides direct stereo streaming to your ears – and has discreet design with outstanding sound quality. Turn up the volume on the App Others can&39;t hear the sound from the TV a. · Title: CRM24_0919_TV PLAY Quick Guide, Author: Widex USA, Name: CRM24_0919_TV PLAY Quick Guide, Length: 2 pages, Page: 1, Published:. Let your client experience TV or audio sound exactly as it was intended - without annoying distortion or more importantly - echoes. With its easy set-up, excellent widex tv play manual streaming stability and discreet design, TV PLAY offer better hearing for your customers while they are watching TV. View and Download Widex TV-DEX user instructions online.

TV-Dex hearing aid pdf manual download. Phone. Yes, the TV PLAY can stream to as many Widex 2. B You can also control TV PLAY without the app 3. TV-Base The TV-DEX allows the user to listen to audio input using WidexLink for connection to Widex hearing aids.

PaCkage Contents user manual tV-controller Box 1: mini usB. Med WIDEX TV PLAY™ kan du nyde enestående TV-lyd gennem høreapparater med 2,4 GHz. Mark Conradt, audiologist, discusses RC-DEX, TV-DEX and UNI-DEX accessories for Widex Clear and Dream hearing aids. 5 mm jack cable b. Use your Widex RC-DEX You can stream directly to Widex TV PLAY by using the button in the middle of the Widex RC-DEX remote control.

in the TV PLAY program f. The Widex TV Play is a high-end TV wireless streaming device for use with WIDEX MOMENT or EVOKE hearing aids. wireless device intended for listening directly to the TV or other audio sources. TV PLAY er nem at indstille, streamer stereolyd direkte til dine ører og har et diskret design med en enestående lydkvalitet. The award-winning TV PLAY is a wireless audio streaming solution that allows users to hear the TV audio directly through their hearing aids.

Infographic; DEX assistive devices. Connect the TV-Base as described on page 10 no transmitted sound even if the green diode is turned on TV/audio source is not switched on Switch TV/audio source on Sound source and TV-Base are not properly connected Connect the sound source and TV-Base as shown on pages 11,12,13 Transmission in - terrupted TV-Controller battery is exhausted. widex tv play manual If you need help to identify the serial number (usually six or seven digits) on the product, please contact your hearing care professional. Port Melbourne, VIC 3207. If you can&39;t find the download you are looking for, our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

WIDEX MOMENT™ - a truly natural sound experience. Turn the audio source on d. A Nielsen survey found, that in the age group of 65 plus, Americans watch almost seven hours of television daily.

WIDEX MOMENT™ - a truly natural sound experience EVOKE™ smart hearing aids Rechargeable hearing aids. Widex TV Play – £229. The volume is too low a. TV PLAY WIDEX TV PLAY CONNECTION 1-2-3 QUICK GUIDE Widex A/S, Nymoellevej 6, DK-3540 Lynge WWW. The TV-DEX is a user-friendly wireless assistive listening device specifically designed for enjoying TV and audio. · Widex RC-DEX, TV-DEX and UNI-DEX Hearing Aid Accessories - Duration: 3:33. In this case a Digital to Analog Converter has to be connected between the TV and 1.

TV-PLAY user instructions. “Hear Life’s Greatest Moments! View and Download Widex TV-Dex user instructions online. User instructions (language pack 1) User instructions (language pack 2). This website uses cookies to give you a better experience on this website and for web statistics. widex tv play manual The nice thing about this device is that it doesn&39;t change the basic user experience of using the telephone for the patient. 4 GHz-enabled hearing devices, including the EVOKE RIC 312 D and BTE 13 D. Check that the device is properly connected to the TV c.

I control the sound reaching my ears completely separately. If you feel you are eligible. The simple set-up process and accessible user interface let your customers enjoy their TV moments from the start.

User instructions (language pack 1) quick links. 4 GHz-enabled hearing aids? WIDEX TV PLAY TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS RADIO SPECIFICATIONS Frequency (range) RF bandwidth Channels Modulation Radiated output power Range Duty cycle 2. WIDEX TV PLAY™ lets you enjoy outstanding TV sound through your hearing aids. Refer to User Manual for mounting the TV PLAY to.

The simple set-up process and accessible user interface let your clients enjoy their TV moments from the start. Stream TV directly to Widex Evoke Hearing Aids. Widex TV Play Read More ». Widex Zen Therapy study summary; Other hearing aids. Find a hearing care professional. Pair TV PLAY with Widex EVOKE™ hearing aids 3. Can I Connect TV play to hearing aids?

My wife watches and listens to TV exactly as before. Use your Widex EVOKE Fusion2 hearing aids and press the button to select the TV PLAY program. Download Widex brochures, datasheets, user instructions, papers, service forms and more. Of course, for Widex good design doesn’t just apply to the outside of our hearing aids but the inside as well. 5 mm jack to phono cable Box 4: a. Unit 4/660 Lorimer Street.

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